Episode 27: So Long Morgan, We Barely Knew Ye

Paul and Erik talk about the latest episode of The Walking Dead, and the surprising revelation that Morgan is leaving the show and heading to Fear.

Episode 26: Long Live The King

Paul and Erik finally like an episode of 'The Walking Dead' in Season 8. It's a miracle!

Episode 25: The Walking Dead Is A Monster

Erik and Paul discuss Season 8, Episode 3 of 'The Walking Dead.'

Episode 24: ‘The Walking Dead’ Vs ‘Stranger Things’

Erik and Paul talk about The Walking Dead's latest episode and the amazing second season of 'Stranger Things.'

Episode 23: ‘The Walking Dead’ Shoots And Misses In Season 8 Premiere

Erik and Paul say really, really unflattering things about the Season 8 premiere of 'The Walking Dead.'

Episode 22: Epic, Bethesda And Visceral Games Walk Into A Bar

Erik, Paul and Dave talk about the video game industry and a wide-range of issues, games and news.

Episode 21: FTWD Season 3 Finale Discussion

Paul and Erik talk about the season 3 finale of 'Fear The Walking Dead' and why that show is giving 'The Walking Dead' a run for its money.

Episode 20: Shadow Of Loot Boxes

Paul and Erik are joined by Dave Thier to discuss the holiday season's biggest games, loot boxes, and how we're not as good at shooters as we were when we were younger.

Kaincast #5: Destiny 2 Vs Destiny

Erik talks about what's improved between Destiny and Destiny 2.

Episode 19: Destiny 2 First Impressions

Paul and Erik talk about their first impressions of 'Destiny 2.'