Kaincast #1: To Catch A Wight

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12 Responses to “Kaincast #1: To Catch A Wight

  • Good format. Nice to listen to while preparing to go sleep. (Really, that’s a good thing!) The background piano music. I don’t know, perhaps it could be a tiny tad louder. But that’s personal preference.

    And – yes – that plan is idiotic. If they want to parley with Cersei, why don’t do it in the time-honored way of parleys everywhere.

    Send a Raven, agree on a neutral meeting place for two envoys to meet.
    It’s almost like Star Trek: “Could be dangerous down there.” – “Yes. Riker, Worf, Data,… Prepare to beam down with me!” – “Captain, do we really have to send the whole command staff on suicide missions every time?” – “No worries. Mr Crusher. You have the bridge!” *facepalm*

    The same goes for catching a white walker. “I go!” – “No, I go. I have the cooler sword, girls love me and I’m looking for my doggie anyways!”

    How about none of you go and you use your magic traveling abilities and lead someone there Cersei trusts after the parley to see with his own eyes? And once again… Why send your most trusted advisors and useful vassals? Or – gods forbid – a King?

    They all need a lesson in delegating things.

    • Thanks Suriel! Yeah, sending someone up to see the army of the dead would have made infinitely more sense. This whole thing is mindboggling.

  • Yeah I hear you – the plan makes zero sense. There is no way that Tyrion would think it was a good idea – it’s just completely out of character. And yes I agree that at least one person in the room should have questioned the plan. I think we have to stop comparing season 7 to the show it was in earlier seasons (and just let that go) and just review the show for what it is now – a summer blockbuster.

    Personally I don’t blame the writers so much as the bigger bosses at HBO. GoT’s budget is huge, and I’m sure the HBO bosses don’t care about keeping the book-readers and the long-term watchers happy if they can rake the money in by pleasing the masses that watch the show now. And, sadly, a good portion of the masses probably think the Transformers script is a literary masterpiece, as the HBO lot know. I picture D & D coming up with a script and a HBO boss asking where the sex, action and drama are and telling them to go blow more things up.

    I gave up hope on the writing after watching Gendry run back to the wall in nanoseconds

    • Yeah totally. Thanks for commenting, sorry I didn’t see this sooner!

  • Priyanka
    11 months ago

    LOL!! Very well put forward,Eric! Loved your voice modulations! 😀

  • Priyanka
    11 months ago

    Erik 🙂

  • I do completely agree with you but you missed the most important point: Why go north the wall instead of just killing one random person at the wall, waiting for him to revive and then you have your prisoned wight.

    • So, I did think of this actually. But the thing is, the White Walkers have to actually turn a dead body. They don’t just turn automatically like in TWD. So they might not turn at all if they just waited around.

      • Hmmm but the wight at Castle Black back in season 1 came back automatically without the need of a White Walker being around. And from what we saw in the series so far I would assume that every dead person will automatically come back as wight after being 1-3 days dead as long as he’s in the north. The only ones that were actively brought back by a white walker were the ones at Hardhome.

        • I did wonder about that, but from what I can tell the generally agreed-upon consensus is that a WW has to do it, and that those early wights were already turned but not activated yet.

          • I would say there’s more evidence that dead people at the wall and north of it will return automatically than there’s always a need for a White Walker to be around. Because the only evidence for that was the Night King at Hardhome. Probably he just didn’t want to wait the usual timeframe?

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